Sunday is the time to gather as a congregation to draw on God’s words for inspiration and direction that helps believers succeed in their pursuit of a Christ-centered life. On this page, the comfort, encouragement, lessons and light of God’s word is available every day of the week. Find the weekly message that speaks to you below page or visit our YouTube Channel for even more options. Contact us to learn more about Blue Ridge Chapel Baptist Church.

The Cost of Discipleship March 5, 2023

Christ calls us all to discipleship, no matter how ill equipped or broken we may feel. He will prepare us and guide us as long as we put him first. Studying Luke 14:25-33, Pastor Paul Perkins explains how putting Christ’s love first provides a direction and clarity to life that that brings Christ to life for others to see and for believers to share.

The Great Commission February 19, 2023

Matthew 28:19-20 is known as the Great Commission. God calls all believers to be part of fulfilling it. Pastor Paul Perkins explains exactly what God asks of his believers in terms of the Great Commission and helps the congregation prepare to reach out to the community around the church.

The Holiness of God February 5, 2023

Pastor Paul J. Perkins discusses the Holiness of God by diving into several scriptures (Isaiah 6:1-8; 1Timothy 2:5, 1John 1:6-9; Revelation 4:6-8). The scripture brings to life God’s character and how significantly different it is than ours. That difference defines his Holiness and the importance of Christ. Meet Pastor Perkins.

From Noah to Now

Guest speaker Zach Young reminds us of how much difference we can make in our lives and the lives of others when we practice obedience to God that includes sharing our faith with others.