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Cemetery Guidelines at Blue Ridge Chapel Baptist Church

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cemetery Blue Ridge Chapel Baptist Church

Blue Ridge Chapel Baptist Church Cemetery Guidelines

Effective April 1, 2022


  1. Plots that have already been reserved will not be affected by the pricing in item #2.
  2. Plots in the current cemetery track will be free for active members of Blue Ridge Chapel Baptist Church. In-active members may select a plot with a $1000 donation to the cemetery.  No plots will be available outside of church membership.

Return of Reserved Plots 

  1. Plots that have been reserved, with or without donation, may only be returned to Blue Ridge Chapel Baptist Church not to other individuals.

Decorating and Care of Burial Plots

  1. After burial, plots must be kept flat and grassed. No gravel, sand, shrubs, vines or any other non-potted plant shall be placed on burial plot.  No mounding of gravel, sand or other material that would impede mowing.
  2. Flowers and other decorations shall be kept on the stone except during the two weeks after decoration Sunday.
  3. Decoration Sunday: If flowers or other grave decorations are placed in the grass, we ask that those flowers be removed two weeks after decoration Sunday.
  4. Two weeks after decoration, all flowers and any other decorations will be removed from the grass area.  We are doing this to keep flowers from blowing off the grave sites and onto Blue Ridge Parkway property.

Grave Markers 

  1. A permanent grave maker must be placed as soon as possible after burial.

Signed Guidelines 

  1. A copy of these guidelines must be signed and will be kept on file by the church clerk after donation.

Please note that we appreciate in the future that all decorations are limited to being placed on the stones and tightly secured to the stone.

The Park Service has requested that we keep flowers from blowing over on Park Service land. We must try and take care of this problem.

Thank you for your understanding.





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